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Permissions are important for any software.  How people interact with it and what they can access.  These things are controlled by permissions.  Each permission allows the user to use the software with higher access to portions of it.  So when choosing permissions, make sure to understand these members will have more access to the system than other members.

  • Owners - As an owner, you are the owner of the club and league. You have access to all features and to this permission.  No other member has access to the owner permission, so be careful who you assign it to.
  • Manager - You can do anything within the club and league.  You are simply not the owner of it.  You do not have access to the owner permission.
  • Secretary - You have full access to the Forums, Insurance, Contacts, Groups, Skill Levels, Documents, Contacts, Polls, Inventory, and Attendance. You do not have access to medical information.
  • Treasurer - You manage dues and payments.
  • Head Referee - You have full access to games.
  • Shops - You have full access to shops to buy and sell things for the league/club.
  • Events Coordinator - You have full access to the events, calendar and attendance information.
  • Medical - You have full access to medical information for each member.  This medical information isn't shown to managers.  Only Medical permission can access it.  
  • Attendance - You can run and track attendance reports.
  • Polls - You can create, edit and manage polls.
  • Inventory - This permission allows you to view, edit and update anything that belongs to the inventory.
  • Sponsorship - Has full access to sponsors and sponsorships.  Allows this member to add and remove both sponsors and sponsorship categories.
  • Rosters - Rosters are used for games and activities.  This permission allows you manager access to such.
  • Commissions - This position allows you to track commissions for the members of the league.
  • Project Manager - Within each club and leagues are the todo lists.  This allows you to create projects, add and move items on todo lists.



Last updated: 2 years ago

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