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Importing Events From Other Calendars

So your league has a public calendar you want to import into RDNation. We currently allow one way to import events.

By going to your calendar as attendance tracker or secretary, you will see the import button. That will take you to the screen which you can import a Google Calendar.

New Calendar Events from each calendar are automatically updated nightly from the imported Calendar.

Google Calendar

To import the Google Calendar, please follow this link to find instructions on Google to export your PRIVATE ICAL/ICS calendar.

You want to get a private link that looks like this:

Once you have the URL, go back to your calendar, click IMPORT and enter it in the box that says Google. Once submitted, it will bring in all the calendar items from your calendar and display them on RDNation.

If you ever want to change the URL or stop RDNation from using it, either remove it from RDNation or click the refresh URL on the google export page.

Last updated: 6 years ago

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