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Reporting On Events

So you want to run reports? Well we are here to explain them to you.

Groups For Reports vs. Entire League

When you select a group to report on, we only pull members in that group. Without selecting the checkbox, you will receive a report about only members within the group, but for all events of the league.

If you select the checkbox that reports Group Event Only, we will return only events and members that are attached to the selected group. So if your league has 20 total events in the report, but only 5 events are to a specific group, the report will bring back a report on those 5 events for only group members.

Likewise, when reporting on the "Entire League", reports will come back with all the events without a group attached to it. So these are for league events, but not for groups. We chose to run the reports this way, so that if you run an entire league report, members won't be counted down for not attending group specific events.

Tabs For the Reports

Each tab shows almost the same data as you see in the first, but in a different or drilled down format.

  • Members - This tab drills down each event type for each skater. It shows you what skaters showed up to what event types. Let’s say you have one event type called charity events. You wanted to see what skaters are going to the charity events and which ones aren't showing at all. Well we drill down the charity event type so you can see which skater showed so many times to charities.
  • Events By Member - This tab shows you what events each member went to and the points they accrued for those events.
  • Event Types - This tab shows you how many events you had for each event type and what the average attendance was for each event type.
  • Event Type Names - For each event type, we show you all the events scheduled under that type. Each skater who attended that event as well as the points the accrued.

Columns Explained Under Members Tab

We know this might be a lot of numbers to look at, but it all means something specific.

  • # - Player Number.
  • Name - Player Name.
  • Event Types - These are the actual event types your team uses to categorize events.
  • Total Amt - Total Events Per Type that the player could have shown up to.
  • Attended - Number of events the player attended per type.
  • Absent - As well as attended, you might also want to know how many times the player was absent for each event type.
  • Excused - This is for those players who didn't show up to the event, but was excused for some reason or another.
  • Tardy - How many times were they tardy to each event type.
  • Earned Pts - Total Points Earned for the event type. So if the player attended (10 points) an event type, but the player was tardy(-3) the final point total would be 10-3=7 points total. Now let’s say there were 10 events of that type, but the player kept the same type of record, showing up and maintaining their tardiness. 10-3= 7*10 events = 70 points total for ten events just for that type.
  • Points Possible - This multiplies the Attended (10) points times how many times the event type occurred. So 10(points)*10(events) = 100 points possible per event type.
  • All Points Possible - Total Points Accrued for the entire time period you entered. It uses the same math as "points possible", but adds all the points possible per event type together.
  • % Attended All - This would be (all the events Attended) / (Amount of occurrences for type). Therefore we know how many times the player showed up to the event.
  • % Attended Counted - This would be (all the events Attended) / (Amount of occurrences for type - Excused Absences). If % Attended All column was for pure statistics in a real world, this column would be for those times "real life" gets in the way of derby. We subtract the times the person was excused from the event, so that we know how many events they were actually "able" to show up to.

For Example:

4 total events, Attended 2, Absent 1, Excused 1.

% Attended All = 50% (2 out of 4)

% Attended Counted = 67% (2 out of 3)

Last updated: 6 years ago

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