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Attendance Tracking

Within Roller Derby, there is a big need for attendance tracking and management. Most tracking of attendance spawns from having more than the required amount of players needed for a game. So you want to track attendance to see who has been to the most events, practices and shown they are dedicated.

Calendar Point Types Explained

RDNation's concept of tracking attendance is probably the most used way of tracking skaters’ attendance for leagues. Each event is assigned an event type. Each event type contains four types of attendance at an event.

  • Present - Showing up to the event and on time. Being there for the entire duration of the event and participating in all the activities.
  • Partial - Showing up to the event on time, but not participating in all the event activities. If this were a practice, the skater would receive partial if they didn't skate or even if they were injured.
  • Not Present - Skater didn't show up nor did the skater have a valid or excused reason to not show up. When setting a person as not present, you are signifying that they are required to go to the event but they didn't. If you don't set anything at all for them, you signify they are not required to go to each event.
  • Excused - The skater has a reason for not showing up. They submitted the reason to those that track attendance and have most likely left a note in the tracker of why they are not there.
  • Nothing Set - If you set nothing for skaters, it signifies that the skater isn't actually required to go. If you do require skaters to attend, then you will want to choose Not Present. Otherwise, each skater that doesn't have any status won't be

Those are the four types of attendance tracking. Along with those, skaters can at times show up late or be Tardy.

  • Tardy - Is reserved for those skaters that show up late to an event. This is meant to be used as a negative number subtracting from their overall point score. So if a skater gets 10 points for being present to an event, they might receive -2 points for being late to that event. This feature keeps everyone truthful about how much time they put in.

Saving Your Attendance Type and Point Structures

With the above point structure, you can have a various amount of point structures.

RDNation's Team suggests you run with the following Names for your Point Structures. You can have more than four, but this will hopefully give you an idea of how to classify events.

  • Mandatory - Might be a league meeting or something truly important. This event type will have an average amount of points possible within your other structures.
  • Practice - Will of course be a practice. This will most likely have the largest point structures as they could possibly be the most important for upcoming games.
  • Charity Event - This is any type of charity event your league has. It will most likely have a small point structure attributed to it unless your league is big on charity events.
  • Event - Any other event that your league might have that wishes to track attendance. This could have any number of different structures.

Last updated: 2 years ago

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