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Creating An Event

Along with everything a regular calendar has when creating an event, we offer a few more things.

  • Groups - Groups allow you to assign events only to specific groups. This is specifically for those big leagues. When checking folks in, this allows you to pull from a smaller array of folks. This also affects reporting on groups.
  • Location - Allow you to add locations to events helping skaters know where each event is location.
  • Event Type - Allows you to select a type of event so that points to track attendance are assigned.
  • Repeat - Allows you to repeat the event daily or weekly on certain days. If you choose to repeat your event, you can no longer have a public event.
  • Public Event - Describes this event as being public. We will display these events on our main RDNation calendar so you can help publicize each public event whether it be a bout or charity event.

Last updated: 7 months ago

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