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Viewing The Calendar

The calendar can currently be viewed two ways.

Detailed List

The detailed list view shows and allows the attendees to do a few different things.

  • Personal Check In - Allows the honor code to come into place. Each skater can check them self into the event if they choose to. This is only enabled within the creation of each event. If the checkbox for allowing self check-ins is not checked, then only managers and owners will be allowed to check attendees in.
  • Date - Time - Date and time of the event local to the leagues location.
  • Location - The location of the event. Locations can be created when creating a new event. It allows you to fill in addresses, name and a few other things so skaters can actually see where the event is taking place.
  • Attendees - This column shows how many people have been checked into the event using the Calendar Event Types.
  • Points - Shows the point structure for the event. How many points are allocated for each event. The hope is that skaters that see the point structure will also want more to show up because they receive points for it.
  • Check In Large - Allows the managers of the team to check members into the event. This screen shows a large list of members in which they mass check each skater in.
  • Check In Small - The check in small is used more functionally for mobile devices. It allows for the managers to use their mobile phone more efficiently than seeing a large screen as shown in the check in large.

Traditional Calendar View

Just a regular calendar for each league to utilize.

Last updated: 3 years ago

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