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Dues Collection and Management

We allow you to manage Dues Collections. See who pays dues and who doesn't. This system is no where near done, but we are adding things as we go along.


Since the regular groups can be inner mixed, having one person in multiple groups at one time is the norm. We decided to design dues groups outside the normal groups. You can see a button called “classify” under dues management.

Under the classification screen, each member is listed. So to start, feel free to create a couple of groups under the classify screen. You can name it, set an amount and specifically describe one set of people to not actually pay any dues. What this means, is you can have volunteers signed up, but they won’t need to pay dues. This also means, you can set different groups to pay different costs in dues.

For an example, you can have three classifications, one that pays the default dues, one that pays a discount of just $25.00 and one that pays nothing. You can then choose which member pays how much. Its as easy as that. Your numbers will be updated within dues management and users will only see the amount they owe rather than the default amount. You can also edit each classification/group by its name, cost and if it doesn't pay any dues.

Change Payment Amounts

Do you need to change payment amounts for certain members? Do some members pay a discounted rate compared to others? In order to change that particular person’s dues payment, you need to EDIT the dues item. Then scroll to the person you want to change and update their costs. Once updated, that person will only be asked to pay the cost you enter. They will receive notifications and it will reflect on exported reports as such.

Please note: This method will only change this person’s payment for this dues date only. You will need to do this for each month.

Dues Cycles

Dues cycles by default are set to land on the first of each month.  This can be changed through the Dues Management, Settings screen.  This can be changed to any day of the month.  

New Dues Members

If you have new members that joined after a interval landed on the dues cycle day, they will not half to pay dues for that month.  They will be paying for dues on the following month.  This includes joining through the Join Code and through email invites.

Last updated: 2 months ago

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