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Starting a Game

You can start a game at any time during your scoreboard operation.

The initial window that pops up with the selections of Testing, Scrimmaging and Live Games. You can select one of the following. This window sets up the scoreboard for basic settings.

  • Testing - This one is just for first time users just looking around and playing with the scoreboard. This mode doesn't save any sort of stats nor does it send anything to the server.
  • Scrimmaging - This mode sets up the scoreboard for scrimmages and practices. This is the default type as we will save stats and allow your skaters to view their profile information online. But this mode is not public and is not open to just any user on In the future, we will be exporting and saving stats for later use that will allow players to print their own information out.
  • Live Game - Everything a Scrimmage offers, but these stats will actually go live online and will be in the list of live games shown. Fans are able to watch the games play by play and stat by stat.

Create a new game or Load an old game

  • Loading Games - This method currently loads a game that has been saved, but not started. Imagine setting up the entire game at home, saving it and then closing down the computer and bringing it to the bout. Starting your computer and pressing the load game button. The game will load properly with all the saved settings. That is what the load game feature is for right now. But we do not currently save games that are being run.
  • New Game - Before filling out your team, and changing scores etc, we need to make sure your policy is filled out. The scoreboard defaults to the [1] ruleset. So if you’re playing WFTDA or any of the other rule sets, please make sure to change the policy to reflect that.

How do we create a New Game?

  • First and foremost, go to the Scoreboard Policy Window. We ask you to fill this out first, because it defines all the other small things of the scoreboard, like rulesets, jammer rules, clocks, etc... The policy will save over time, so once it’s filled out you will be able to restart the scoreboard 100 times without every really having to touch this window again.
  • Create a New Game - Use the button and just push it. Without ever having to touch anything else, your scoreboard is pretty much set up for testing and scrimmages. This will set up a brand new game using the policy you already defined.
  • Game Name - Set the game name, like Zombie World 101, as in the name you gave the bout for that day. Game Settings -> Game Name
  • Game Location - This will be the location. You could fill out the entire address, or even just a city and state. We placed this here so that fans can see on the day of where their local roller derby team is playing.
  • Setup the Team Manager - Add Player Names, Numbers, Pictures, Team Names etc....
  • Add Advertisements for Live Games - Adverts only work on the CRG scoreboard.
  • Setup the Logos for Each Team - Allows you to choose the logos for each team.

And that’s it, you’re ready to go and start either a scrimmage or a live game.

Last updated: 3 years ago

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