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Setting MADE - WFTDA - OSDA rule sets

Intro: We wanted to make sure we could co-operate with every rule set especially the big ones like MADE and WFTDA, so we built it specifically for that option.

At this moment, Thor's Hammer defaults to the MADE rule set.  The reason being is it was introduced in the MADE game type and their teams first.  So if you’re playing WFTDA or any other rule set, we made it simple and easy to change.

After opening Thor's Hammer (scoreboard) you can go directly to the policy window with the button located at the top of Thor's Hammer.

  • Once there, look for the drop down with the selections allowing for WFTDA or MADE.
  • Once your selection is chosen and any other policy changes have been made, you need to Restart Thor's Hammer to allow all the changes to take effect. We did it this way, because there are just some changes that can't be made unless the scoreboard is restarted.
  • That’s it; you’re ready to go with that particular rule set.

Last updated: 3 years ago

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